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Korean Startup
Visa Assistance


Basic startup preparation 

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Basic trading, importing and exporting for startups training

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Advanced startup preparation couching and mentoring

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Support in  establishment of corporation

Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System (OASIS) is a program operated by Korea Institute for Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) designated by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

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South Ventures
Visa Journey

Choose Your Future


Basic startup course for foreigners equipped with basic technologies for a business start-up.

Total 20 hours.

Good for people who wants to apply for D-10-2 Visa.


Basic Trading course for foreigners equipped with basic Importing and exporting for a start-up.

Total of 25 hours.

Good for people who wants to apply for D-9-1 Trade Visa.


Professional coaching and mentoring regarding business and startups, including selecting an operations location, market research and customer analysis, and more.

A minimum of 6 hours (3 sessions) of exclusive coaching and mentoring is recognized as points.


Support in the establishment of a corporation, which is imperative to achieve a start-up visa(D-8-4) for successful startup immigration.


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"I am truly grateful for the invaluable opportunity I had to participate in OASIS program as a foreign founder in Korea. Through their unwavering support and guidance, I not only gained the necessary tools and knowledge to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams but also paved the way for my immigration journey. I encourage fellow foreigners to seize this remarkable chance and unlock their full potential in Korea's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem".

Chris Gergiev


"Participating in the OASIS program was a transformative experience for me as a foreign startup founder in Korea. The program’s commitment to empowering foreign entrepreneurs is truly unparalleled. It not only provided me with the fundamental skills and insights necessary to navigate Korea's dynamic business landscape, but also served as a catalyst for my understanding of how business is conducted in Korea. I highly recommend this program to any aspiring foreign entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in Korea".



"The OASIS visa program was a vital gateway to launch my business in Korea. Through the program, I gained important knowledge in IP rights and Korean tax laws, as well as the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing people from all over. Starting a business in Korea via the OASIS program has allowed me to branch out into multiple business streams and work from anywhere at my own pace. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to start or continue their entrepreneurship journey in Korea."



"I have lived in South Korea as a wife of an expat for twenty years without opportunity to grow professionally and without self-realization. The OASIS program gave me that opportunity.  I have registered my own business and am about to launch it next month".



  • What visa holders are applicable to take part in the OASIS courses?
    For OASIS 4, 4+, 5 anyone currently in Korea and able to attend the courses is welcome (including those on a tourist stay!). The program is not only about getting the visa, but also about teaching you the basics of running a tech business here. Come and learn how to become an entrepreneur in Korea! For OASIS 8 (incorporation support), we recommend you to be already committed to doing your own venture here.
  • What visa holders are applicable to apply for the D8-4 visa?
    In general anyone who successfully obtained a D10-2 visa and incorporated their business in Korea, is eligible to apply and receive a D-8-4 visa. That being said, the immigration has been known to grant D-8-4 visas right away to those on F visas (F2, F4, F6 etc.). However, the recommended course is D10-2 → D8-4
  • What is the difference between D-8-4 and D-9-1 visas?
    D8-4 is open to anyone with an innovative technology-based business idea that can be patented or copyrighted accordingly. D9-1 is strictly for those conducting trade-based business activities overseas (export, import).
  • Can I participate in the program even if I am not applying for D-8-4, D-9-1 visa?
    Yes! Anyone who wants to learn about doing business in Korea, be it tech or trade, is more than welcome to join!
  • Can I get investment opportunities through the program?
    The OASIS program does not provide direct investments for new businesses. That being said, you will certainly learn from our experts where to look for public-backed grants, how to get connected to local and overseas investors and how to crowdfund in Korea. Use this opportunity to build your network, because that will be the basis of securing funding for your new venture.
  • How do I extend D-8-4 visa?
    To extend your D8-4 visa, you need to schedule an appointment with the appropriate immigration office and submit the following documents: - Application Form (from - Passport and Passport Copy - Alien Registration Card - Business Registration Certificate & it’s Copy - List of company stakeholders - Copy of office lease contract - House lease contract - Company tax documents for the last year - Company bank statement - Personal Income Certificate - Occupational Annual Income Amount Report - Tuberculosis(TB) Test Certificate for nationals from high TB-burden countries (①Nepal ②East Timor ③Russia ④Malaysia ⑤Mongol ⑥Myanmar ⑦Bangladesh ⑧Vietnam ⑨Sri Lanka ⑩Uzbekistan ⑪India ⑫Indonesia ⑬China ⑭Cambodia ⑮Kyrgyzstan ⑯Thailand ⑰Pakistan ⑱Philippines ⑲Laos ⑳Nigeria ㉑(the Republic of) South Africa ㉒Belarus ㉓Mozambique ㉔Moldova ㉕Azerbaijan ㉖Angola ㉗Ethiopia ㉘Ukraine ㉙Zimbabwe ㉚Kazakhstan ㉛Congo ㉜Kenya ㉝Papua New Guinea ㉞Tajikistan ㉟Peru) - Power of Attorney - Any documents showing your company’s activities over the last year (especially important if your revenue hasn’t been that great)
  • What is a startup?
    A startup company is a newly formed business with particular momentum behind it based on perceived demand for its product or service. The intention of a startup is to grow rapidly as a result of offering something that addresses a particular market gap.
  • What sort of business/technology idea should I have?
    We cannot tell you that but pretty much anything that will use tech to solve a market gap, customer/social issues etc. and has a realistic chance to gain traction is something that we will support you in pursuing.
  • Who are the mentors and coaches in the program?
    We will be announcing them shortly! Our mentors and coaches are bilingual experts in different areas of conducting business, especially in Korea. They are here to support you and your venture, the best they can.
  • Can I take part in the program even if I live outside of Busan/Gwangju/Daejeon/Jeju?
    Yes, of course! If you are willing to travel to the location of the programs, you are more than welcome~


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